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  • Suunto competition compasses

    Matkasport OÜ offers Suunto compasses for competitors of 8th WRC. You can preorder the compass and it will be delivered to you before the event at the event center.

    Arrow-5, thumb compass
    Arrow 20, baseplate compass
    Arrow 30, baseplate compass with magnifying lens

    The price of the compass is 52 EUR each. Preorder until 25 August by e-mail: elo.saue(at)matkasport.ee. Delivery and payment (in cash) at the event center in Ähijärve on 12 and 13 September (or earlier in Tallinn upon agreement). (17.06.2008)

  • From 22 May 2008 until the start of the event on 13 September 2008 the area within a radius of 15 km from Ähijärve is closed to training.
    Violations to the embargo are punishable by disqualification from the event. (22.05.2008)

  • The State Nature Conservation Center gave a permission to increase the entry limit from 700 to 800. (21.04.2008)

  • Additional information on WRC


    The web-site of the Institute of Environmental Physics of the University of Tartu http://meteo.physic.ut.ee/?lang=en provides historic weather data (temperature, precipitation etc.) for Tartu for the years 2000-2007 on daily and hourly basis. By analyzing these data you can get an idea what the weather is likely to be in mid-September and what are the patterns of temperature changes over 24 hours. The highest observed day-time temperature for 13-14 September over the last 8 years has been +21 °C (in 2004 and 2006), whereas the lowest night-time temperature has been +3 °C (in 2007). Occasional showers are possible, but the probability of heavy rain is low. Please note that Tartu is about 100 km from the WRC event center. While the weather patterns are broadly the same for Southern Estonia, the night-time lows may be about 3-4 degrees lower at the WRC terrain. For example, 10 September 2007 in the morning it was +4 °C in Tartu, while it was actually 0 °C in Ähijärve.

    Special buses to the WRC event center

    Special buses from Tartu to the event center depart in the afternoon of Friday 12 September and early morning of Saturday 13 September. Driving time is about 1.5 hours. Our intension is that both cases, there will be 2 buses, one of them driving from Tartu to Ähijärve through Otepää, while the other bus through Võru, to allow persons staying or living in Otepää or Võru to catch the bus. Special buses return from Ähijärve on Sunday 14 September about 3-4 pm. This will allow for those who wish, to take an evening train from Tartu to Tallinn. The organizers will contact all participants who have booked seats in special bus, to specify the bus schedule. Further details will be provided in due course.

    Rental of hiking equipment

    There are shops in Tallinn, Tartu and Otepää, where it is possible to rent (and to buy) hiking equipment: tents, sleeping bags etc.
    In Tallinn: MATKaSPORT (HikingSport – address: Tartu road 35, Tallinn), contact person Mr. Rando Jarv, e-mail: rando.jarv(at)matkasport.ee, phone: +372 681 3138
    Nõmme Matkakeskus (address: Jaama 12, Tallinn), contact person Kalle Hallik, e-mail: kalle(at)matkakeskus.ee, phone: +372 5622 2956
    In Tartu: H&P Matkatarbed (H&P Hiking Equipment – address: Tiigi 8, Tartu), e-mail: info(at)matkatarve.ee, phone: +372 742 0811
    In Otepää: Arctic Sport (address: Kopli 8, Otepää), Ms. Piret Uus, e-mail: piretuus(at)hot.ee, phone: +372 5669 5952
    As the rental capacity (the number of tents available) is limited, please contact the company beforehand by e-mail.

    Other events and training possibilities

    European Masters Games, which include orienteering events (for age groups 35+, open courses for younger competitors) will be held 1-5 September near Kristianstad, Southern Sweden. Further information and online registration (until 31 May 2008) http://www.emg2008.com/

    In Estonia, there are orienteering competitions or training events going on almost every day! For a complete list of these events see http://www.orienteerumine.ee/okalender.php Unfortunately, the details in the calendar are only in Estonian, therefore below we point out some training events which take place in South Estonia some days before the WRC and may be suitable for training.

    On Tuesday 9 September, in the afternoon from 4 to 6 pm, there is an Orienteering Tuesday in Kiidjärve, near Põlva. There are 7 courses of different length (1-9 km) and difficulty level. There will also be a possibility for a score orienteering (make your own course) on a A3 1:10000 scale map. Map samples and location map available at:
    http://www.orienteerumine.ee/kaart/kaartshow.php?Kood=9411 and http://www.orienteerumine.ee/kaart/kaartshow.php?Kood=2006032

    On Wednesday 10 September, in the afternoon from 4 to 7 pm, there is an Orienteering Wednesday in Nahijärve, near Otepää. There are 4 courses of different length (1-4 km) and difficulty level. There is also a possibility of score orienteering. The terrain resembles some parts of the WRC terrain. This terrain was used for the 2006 European Orienteering Championships, see the map at: http://www.orienteerumine.ee/kaart/kaartshow.php?Kood=2006002

    On Thursday 11 September, in the afternoon from 5 to 6.30 pm, there is an Orienteering Thursday in Vooremäe, near Tartu. There are 6 courses of different length (from 1 to 9 km) and difficulty. There is a special bus from Tartu to the event site departing 5 pm from the Vanemuine theater. See the o-map and location map at: http://www.orienteerumine.ee/kaart/kaartshow.php?Kood=2005015

    Maps of the latest TAOK rogaines (Jägala-Joa 2007 and Kolga 2006) are available for training. These terrains are located respectively 30 and 50 km east from Tallinn. The terrains are not representative of the WRC terrain as the landscape in South Estonia is different from North Estonia, but you can get an idea of the rogaine mapping style as well as learn about the vegetation. Electronic versions of these rogaining maps can be consulted at:
    http://rogain.ee/Kolga_rada_2006.gif and
    Paper copies of these maps are available for purchase, send an e-mail to: L.Leppik(at)online.ee. The price of one map is 2 EUR (30 EEK). Maps can be picked up in Tallinn, from 1 to 10 September.


  • Registration closed 1 February 2008 due to reaching the entry limit.
    On 1 February, 132 competitors were transferred from the waiting list to the list of participants and were sent a confirmation e-mail.
    With this, the total number of competitors reached the limit of 700. WRC participants come from 19 different countries.
    37 teams (84 participants) remain on the waiting list. (02.02.2008)

  • On 13 January, 33 teams (70 competitors) who had a priority status under the established criteria were transferred from the waiting list to the list of participants and were sent a confirmation e-mail. (13.01.2008)

  • The second phase of registration opened Monday 7 January 2008 at 12:00 (noon) by local time (GMT + 02:00).

    As indicated in Bulletin No 2, remaining number of entries are allocated with the aim to ensure the competitive character of the WRC and geographic representation of participants.
    The organizers and the IRF WRC Manager have decided on the following procedure.
    Teams entering their data in the second phase are not confirmed their participation immediately, but are placed on a waiting list. Upon entering their data, teams receive an e-mail notifying that they have been placed on a waiting list.

    The following categories have a priority status on the waiting list:
    1) all past world champions in open categories (MO, WO, XO)
    2) medal winners (three best teams) at the last three WRC (2002,2004,2006), ERC, NARC and ARC (2005-2007) in all age-gender categories
    3) teams from non- or underrepresented rogaining countries, up to a total of 10 competitors per country (incl. current registrations)
    4) teams in underrepresented age-gender categories (WJ, WSV, XJ, MJ), up to a total of 6 teams per category (incl. current registrations)
    5) IRF members and observers

    Teams belonging to the above mentioned categories have a priority status if they register before 1 February 2008. The organizers will establish whether the team qualifies under the priority criteria. In case of a higher number of teams/competitors qualifying under the priority criteria than remaining entries, the first-come principle applies. The 8WRC co-ordinator and the IRF WRC Manager retain a right to interpret the priority criteria and to allocate up to 20 further entries on a discretionary basis. The overall entry limit is 700.

    After 1 February 2008, upon accepting teams with the priority status, any remaining entries will be allocated on the basis of the waiting list. The waiting list will also serve later for replacing any withdrawn teams.

    Teams who have been accepted by organizers receive a confirmation e-mail. The entry fee shall be paid only after receiving the e-mail about confirmation of registration.


  • Registration opens 1 December 2007 at 12:00 (noon) by local time (GMT + 02:00). (28.11.2007)

  • Added Bulletin No 2 and «Getting There» (20.11.2007)

  • Added Bulletin No 1 (15.05.2007)

  • 8th World Rogaining Championships forum is now open! (15.05.2007)
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