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The hash house will be located near the visitor center of the Karula National Park in a village Ähijärve, Võru county in South Estonia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estonia).
The distance from the capital city of Tallinn to Ähijärve village is 290 km.

For a location of the hash house, see the map on:

Getting to Estonia

By air

The only international airport in Estonia is in Tallinn (http://www.tallinn-airport.ee/)

By boat

There are several ferry boats as well as fast boats from Helsinki to Tallinn. Travel time ferries 3-3.5 hours, fast boats about 1.5 hours. Both take also passenger cars. There is also an overnight boat from Stockholm to Tallinn. For the boat schedule see (NB! transport schedules may change!): http://www.ts.ee/passenger_ship_schedule.php?k=1


Getting to the hash house

There are the following main options for getting to the event site:
1)         Own car (local participants or those living in neighboring countries). See driving instructions below.
2)         Rental car. Several international car rental companies operate in Estonia with their counters at the Tallinn Airport. Europcar offers 8WRC participants a special 10% discount on the local prices. Enter a promotional code 0110 when making the booking at:
3)         Special bus. Organizers will arrange special buses from Tartu to the hash house. Tartu is the second biggest town in Estonia, located about 200 km from Tallinn and about 100 km from the hash house. There are regular buses (about every half-an-hour) from Tallinn to Tartu. The main bus station in Tallinn is about 2 km from the airport. For the bus schedule between Tallinn and Tartu see:
Upon registration, the team shall indicate whether they need seats in the special bus. The timetable of special buses and the ticket price will be announced on the WRC web-site.


Driving instructions

From Tallinn

Like in rogaining, there is a route choice from Tallinn to Ähijärve. In all cases, the main ‘attack point’ is a small town Antsla, north of the hash house.

1) The fastest route (non-stop driving time 3.5-4 hours) is to take Tallinn-Tartu-Võru road (route No 2/E263). After 242 km, near Osula village, turn right and follow signs to Antsla. In Antsla, on the main intersection turn left and follow signs to Karula National Park.

2) Alternatively, if you would like to enjoy more the hillock landscape of South Estonia, you can drive through Otepää, which is the winter capital of Estonia, hosting regularly FIS World Cup events in cross-country skiing. On Tartu-Võru road, 15 km after Tartu turn right towards Otepää. From Otepää, take a direction to Sangaste, and from there to Antsla.

3) If you would like to see smaller towns and villages of Central Estonia, another driving alternative to consider is to take from Tallinn the road to Viljandi, driving through Rapla and Türi. From Viljandi, there is a road through Mustla, Pikasilla, Puka and Sangaste to Antsla.

4) Finally, you can get from Tallinn to Ähijärve also through Pärnu, which is the summer capital of Estonia. From Tallinn take the motorway E67. From Pärnu, follow E67 until Reiu, then turn left towards Valga, passing smaller towns Kilingi-Nõmme, Abja-Paluoja, Karksi-Nuia and Tõrva. After Tõrva, near Piiri, turn left towards Antsla.
In all cases, allow extra time for stop-overs etc.

From Riga

Follow Riga-Pskov (Pleskava) A2/E77 motorway until Ape (ca 185 km). From Ape turn towards Mõniste, passing through a border village Vastse-Roosa on Ape-Mõniste road (from 2008 there are no border control as both Estonia and Latvia are members of the Schengen agreement). In Mõniste, at the intersection of Valga-Võru road turn left towards Valga and after 1 km turn right towards Antsla. The total distance from Riga to Ähijärve is about 215 km.



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