8th World Rogaining Championships
Picture: Marsh

WRC2008 DVD - mistakes overview

After chatting with some participants and watching some routes from the RouteGadget I got an idea - that DVD must have mistakes chapter!

In consequence please send me a short description of your mistakes, if you did them ;)
It's better if you can do it graphically and use question mark to mark that point where you realize that you are lost and exclamation mark to mark that point where you were back "online". (Just an example: http://www.hot.ee/alfoto/MMsample.JPG)
NB! You may have several lost and online points in one mistake! ;o)
If you can't do it graphically, please just write me about your mistake and I send you back graphical image to verify that I understood you correctly.

Please send your descriptions directly to my e-mail: arvo.laanemets at mail.ee

Thanks in advance!


Only 2 (two!) teams are so far have notified about their mistakes on the track :(
Big thanks to them. But... dear competitors, if you don't share your experiences, I'm afraid that mistakes chapter will not be available inside the movie.
With 2-3 mistakes it's meaningless.
So I call you again - please send me a description of your mistakes!


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