8th World Rogaining Championships
Picture: Marsh

Thanks to organizers

Great thanks to organizers for the excellent event. The nature was wild, the map was great, the points distribution made me curse at first, because of complicated route planning.

But it all lead to a very challenging and exiting competition. Hope everyone enjoyed the nature and the route as much as we did.

Alar Ehandi, team 76


Good map, interesting course, well organized, excellent event!

Neeme, 228


I would also like to thank the organizing team for its amazingly fine work, including among many things this wonderful web site.

We had a long journey to come to Estonia, and have a long journey home, but we are very glad we came.

Thank you,

Peter Gagarin
Barb Bryant
team #220


Suurimad tänud kõigile TAOK liikmetele ja nende abilistele ! Suurepäraselt korraldatud Rogaini MM! Arvan, et seda kõike on teistel maadel väga raske ületada :-)) Kõik oli super- rogaini ilm :-), kaart ja KP-d, vaheldusrikas maastik, söögid-joogid ja TEENINDUS kõige selle juurde, kiirus ja lahke naeratus, abivalmidus, lõpetamisel diplom ja ilus meene! Juba on vaatamiseks väljas pildid ja tulemused jne. jne. Ja millised originaalsed auhinnad ja toredad väiksed rogainimeened, kõige peale oli mõeldud!!!Nädalavahetusest väga positiivsed elamused saanud, väsinud aga rahul oma osalemisega - Team 43, Malle ja Koidu. AITÄH kõigile!


To orgenizer: perfect map, good team and team work, thanks for great wheather and very good meal and the results are perfectly out standdid (nice to compeare with other teams).

Marry Christmass.


Great thanks from HP-Sport Team! That was greatest sportevent we ever had. We know that organizers were little bit worried about us - Helis is 11 y old - but they gave us big opportunity to be with all other rogainers in start and we hope we managed well. All organizers were very kind and warm people. There was everything perfect: pre-event information, map, food and all this great nature. Even full moon and no clouds. There was no doubt that they had done everything to be good. Thanks! As well we`d like to thank all other competitiors we saw on the road - from Czech Republic, Latvia, Finland, Russia, Estonia etc. It was very good to be with You in this event and hope to see again .... ! Thanks ! Our photos are http://nagi.ee/photos/hp-sportteam/sets/125911/
Helis and Heiki , team 37


We can only join all the complimentary remarks! This all was great, and gives us a new standard in this sport. Now we see that some Estonians are really fast ;) (border guards excluded).
Team 39, Russia


Well done! Excellent job from 8 WRC Organizing Team.
Wonderful terrain, perfect map, challenging distance & warm atmosphere during event.
Best ever event for me.
Thank you very much!
Best wishes,
Taras, Ukraine


Thanks a lot to Organizing Team for perfect event. Everything was fine - the map, the course, the company and the hash house. Good luck!

Team 82


It was just amazing!
Thank you organisers! Thank you fellow competitors!

Aitäh kõigile!!

Margit ja Angela, 81


To Lauri and all the team - a wonderful event, superbly run in great terrain on an excellent map won by some very superior teams!

Many thanks
Jonathan Miller


Besides all abovementioned also an excellent IT-work by Tarmo Klaar - RogainRoute and team detailed statistics sheet - just great. This sheet was easy to import into Excel and fill with the actual distances.
We get the difference between the straight line and actual route (with some mistakes) 134% (91,4 and 122,5km correspondingly), which is unusually high in Estonia.




Also our beelne route was 89 km and actual 119-120 km, making the same ratio as yours. Probably never in my life I have went around so much than here. So the conditions were a little unusual even for the locals.
But that is fine from Rogaining point of view, because in such situation the good route choice was extra important and also slower teams with good route were able to be well in picture.

Alar, 76


Our first 24 hour event. What a splendid way to start. Great map, superb organisation, instant results and analysis and above all a magnificent Web Site and an organiser who just did not seem to sleep for a month!! Many thanks to Lauri and his team.

Philip & Rachel Cooper


Thanks to Lauri !
Nice bogs and swamps
May be next time again... Baltic countries championship (just for idea)

sturis - sturis

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