8th World Rogaining Championships
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Predict the winners and win a prize!

Contest for rogaining fans and spectators! Predict the winners of the 8th World Rogaining Championships and win a prize! Participation in the contest is open to all, the WRC competitors may also take part in this contest.

This is the task - predict the first three teams (gold, silver and bronze medal) in categories MO, XO, WO! To enter the contest, send an e-mail to [email protected] indicating the ID numbers of the best teams in the following order – Class: gold medal, silver medal, bronze medal.
See the team numbers in the list of participants: http://8wrc2008.rogain.ee/reg/eng/vaade.php

Example MO: 195, 205, 218
XO: 251, 211, 360
WO: 330, 359, 400

For each correct answer (predicting correctly the medal the team receives) you get 3 points. If the team was among the three best, but won a different medal (correct team, but wrong medal), you get 1 point. Thus, the maximum number of points is 27 for predicting correctly all three best teams in each gender class.

In case of draw, preference will be given to the entrant predicting correctly the overall winner. If this criteria does not settle the winner, there will be a lottery between the entrants with the highest points.

The first prize of the contest – DVD of the most popular Estonian film of all time, evergreen „Last relic“. Subtitles in Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish, Latvian and German.
Second and third prize – DVD „Estonia - a land of simple treasures“. The film takes you through all the counties of Estonia, helping to plan your journey or recall the sights you have already seen. Subtitles in English.

The last date of entries 12 September 2008. Winners will be announced at the WRC web site. Prizes to the winners will be sent by post, wherever in the world you live. Winners will be contacted by e-mail.

WRC organizing team


Reminder - Friday 12 September is the last date of entries!


Oh well a rogaining tragic will take the plunge.

Overall - 328 defend title!

Men-MO-328, 174, 372

Mixed-XO- 162, 126, 54

Female-WO-338, 327, 46

Prediction single digit result as I do not know enough about the European athletes and can only do so many google searchs-actually two.

Tragic in sporting terms was coined to describe some fans of the sport of cricket. Australia's imediate past Prime Minister answered to the term cricketing tragic with some joy!?

Alan Mansfield


It is time to announce also the winners of the WRC betting pools. It turned out difficult to predict the winners as there were some surprises, in particular in the mixed category.

Three best contestants gathered 7 points, while the maximum was 27.

The winner is Guntars Mankus from Latvia, as he predicted correctly the overall winners.
The second and third prize go to Armo Hiie and Argo Loo from Estonia.

Winners will be contacted by e-mail.

Lauri Leppik

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