8th World Rogaining Championships
Picture: Marsh

SI card capacity

According to the course vetter "It is possible for the fittest teams to attempt to take all controls". It is also possible that sometimes some of the best teams punches twice in the controls - it could happen if the CP is close to the waterdrop or sometimes if the team members are tired and they are not sure if they punched CP or not (especially at the second part of the race). We all know that the the SI card capacity in standard mode is 64 punches. If some of the best teams visits all CP's and in the way they generate few additional (double) SI readings then it could happen that card memory is full and they can't punch at the last few CP's. .


SPORTident-6 cards have memory for 192 punches (+ clear/checkstart/finish punch). All control stations (what we are using in WRC) are programmed to support 192 punch mode. So, it's not problem if you visit hash house or make double punches.

Tarmo Klaar (WRC timekeeping)

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