8th World Rogaining Championships
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Leaving equipment in the hash house

Our team plans to visit the hash house atleast once during the competition. Is it allowed to leave equipment to the hash house (tent, car) at the beginning of the competition and use the equipment during the competition while visiting the hash house? For example, can we leave dry clothes to the hash house and change clothes in the middle of the competition (and leave wet clothes to the hash house again)?


hash house = marihuaanamaja :)


Regarding visiting the hash house -
you are welcome to do that.

The relevant rules are:
C13. "Competitors shall be able to obtain suitable food and drinks at one or more "hash houses" .." and
B20(1). "Whenever visiting the hash house area during the competition .."

It is fully permissible to leave equipment in the hash house area (car, tent) and use it when visiting the hash house or change clothes at the hash house.

Best wishes,
Lauri Leppik

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