8th World Rogaining Championships
Picture: Marsh

allowed equipment

Can i use nordic walking poles during race?


Yes, you can use Nordic walking poles. In fact, these may proove quite useful (in particular, if you have telescope poles), for example, you can check how deep is a ditch ;-)

Lauri Leppik


Please also specify the limitation for electronic tracking devices.

Is it the usual, that only such pulse-monitors can be used that do not show altitide, direction or distance. And GPS devices can only be such, that log your route, but do not show it during the race ?


Yes, you are correct. Pulse-monitors are allowed, but only if these do not have any supplementary features, like distance, direction or altitude measurement. GPS loggers are permitted ONLY if these do not make the readings available during the race.

Rule B7 second sentence: "The possession of other navigational aids, including pedometers, altimeters and GPS receivers on the course is prohibited."

Lauri Leppik


In the very first line of IRF Rules for Participants is written: "Rogaining is the sport of long distance cross-country navigation for teams travelling on foot." In my opinion using nordig walking poles makes it a different event. In certain terrains they really take the load off your feet.

Good luck to all teams!

Juha Lehtonen

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