8th World Rogaining Championships
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Mandatory gear

Is there any mandatory gear that has to be carried during the event such as windjacket or first aid kit?
Eero Jäppinen, Finland


According to the IRF rules of rogaining, rule B14, each competitor shall carry a whistle. We have not pointed it out specifically, as this comes directly from the rules, which are all mandatory. The organizers do not supply whistles, you have to bring your own.

The following is a list of recommended gear, some of which are highly recommended!
- compass
- watch
- map cover
- clothes appropriate to the weather (full body cover)
- nettle-proof long pants and/or gaiters (some nettles are 2m high!)
- comfortable shoes (you may consider water-resistant and/or quick-drying shoes)
- spare pair of sport socks
- raingear
- headlamp and spare batteries (to last at least 10 hours)
- first aid kit
- survival bag
- mobile phone (but no built-in GPS!)
- water container
- sufficient amount of food

Furthermore, insect repellents may be considered against mosquitos and ticks. However, mosquitos and ticks are limited this time of the year, while most insect repellents are not effective against deer flies, which are the main nuisance in September.

I shall here also point out the IRF rule B13, which stipulates that no food nor equipment shall be left on the terrain before the event for a team’s use during the event, and no food or equipment shall be left on the course during the event to be picked up later.

Lauri Leppik
8WRC2008 coordinator



I saw a post from Canadians pointing out that the rule about leaving gear on the course is ambiguous. In Australia it is quite accepted and done that you can carry things into the course, drop it off and then pick it up again during the event. It would be good if there were clarity on this. I suggest that the Canadian and Australian interpretation is preferable.

Jonathan Miller

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